How to contact an inmate at Red Onion State Prison

Last Updated on May 21, 2023

A friendly help guide for Red Onion State Prison. Learn how to find an inmate and send letters, photos, and more.

How to contact an inmate at Red Onion State Prison

This help guide will walk you through how to connect with an inmate. Follow the steps below to find an inmate and send letters and photos:

  1. How to find an inmate online
  2. How to message an inmate
  3. Sending photos and postcards
  4. Frequently asked questions about Red Onion State Prison
  5. Overview of Red Onion State Prison
  6. Inmate services at Red Onion State Prison

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How to message an inmate

How to message an inmate at Red Onion State Prison

You can use your phone or computer to send emails letters, and photos to an inmate. Messages are sent electronically to inmate tablets or kiosks at the facility. If you would like to send an message, start by searching for an inmate at Red Onion State Prison .

Sending Photos and Postcards

How to send photos and postcards to Red Onion State Prison

A great way to send love and support to loved one at Red Onion State Prison is to send photos and postcards. It only takes a few minutes to send photos from your phone and it makes a huge difference. You can also mail postcards with words of support and inspiration, or design your own postcard for special moments like birthdays and holidays.

Important! Be sure not to send any explicit photos or they may not be approved by the facility. You can also use a photo printing app like Penmate to make sure your photos are printed at the correct size (4x6 or 3x5) and are mailed according to the rules and regulations of Red Onion State Prison.

Frequently asked questions about Red Onion State Prison

  1. How long does it take to deliver a message?

    If you're sending an email message your letter is usually delivered within 24-48 hours. For messages sent via mail you should expect delivery within 3-7 days. All messages will need be approved by Red Onion State Prison.

  2. How much does it cost to send a message to Red Onion State Prison?

    You can send a message free using your phone or mail a message via USPS for the price of a $0.60 stamp and envelope. You can also purchase credits or e-stamps from services starting at $1.99.

  3. What services can I use to contact an inmate at Red Onion State Prison?

    You can use Penmate to send letters and photos to an inmate from your phone. It's a easy way to stay in touch during your loved one's incarceration. Use the inmate locator to find an inmate's location and contact information, then you can send messages within a few minutes.

    Securus messaging

    Securus may be another option for communicating with an inmate at Red Onion State Prison. You can create a friends and family account and purchase credits to send messages. All messages will be reviewed and must be approved by the facility.


    Some county jails and state prisons may support for sending messages with JPay. You must register an account with the system, find your loved one, and purchase stamps to send messages. For some locations you can also attach photos.

    Smart Jail Mail

    You may also check if Smart Jail Mail is available at Red Onion State Prison. Smart Jail Mail is operated by Smart Communications and has contracted with some state and county jails. After purchasing credits, your messages and photos are sent to the facility, printed out, and then handed out to your loved one.

  4. What is the mailing address of Red Onion State Prison?
    Mailing address:

    Red Onion State Prison
    10800 H Jack Rose Hwy
    Pound , VA 24279
    (276) 796-7510

    Business hours:
    • Monday: Open 24 hours
    • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
    • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
    • Thursday: Open 24 hours
    • Friday: Open 24 hours
    • Saturday: Open 24 hours
    • Sunday: Open 24 hours

Overview of Red Onion State Prison

Red Onion State Prison is a supermax facility located in Wise County, Virginia. It is known for its high-security measures and strict confinement procedures. The prison was opened in 1998 and was designed to house the most dangerous and disruptive inmates in the Virginia Department of Corrections system. It is named after the nearby Red Onion Mountain, which is part of the Appalachian Mountains.

The prison has a capacity of 500 inmates and is designed to house them in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. Inmates are only allowed out of their cells for one hour of exercise and shower time each day. The cells are small and sparsely furnished, with a bed, a toilet, and a sink. Inmates are not allowed any personal belongings, and all communication with the outside world is heavily monitored and restricted.

The prison has a reputation for being one of the toughest and most secure prisons in the United States. It is known for its strict disciplinary policies, which include the use of force and chemical agents to control unruly inmates. The prison also has a high rate of staff turnover, with many employees citing the stressful and dangerous working conditions.

Despite its reputation, the prison has been the subject of controversy and criticism. Some have raised concerns about the long-term effects of solitary confinement on inmates' mental health, and there have been reports of physical abuse and mistreatment by staff members. The prison has also faced lawsuits over its use of force and lack of access to mental health services. Despite these criticisms,

What services are provided by Red Onion State Prison?

Red Onion State Prison is a supermax prison located in Virginia, USA. It is known for its strict security measures and high level of confinement. Despite being a maximum-security prison, Red Onion State Prison offers various programs and services to its inmates to help them rehabilitate and improve their lives.

One of the programs offered by the prison is the "Thinking for a Change" program. This program is designed to help inmates develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. It aims to reduce the likelihood of inmates reoffending by teaching them how to make better choices and avoid negative behaviors. The program is conducted through group sessions and individual counseling, and it has been proven to be effective in reducing recidivism rates.

Another program offered by Red Onion State Prison is the "Virginia Correctional Enterprises" program. This program provides inmates with vocational training and employment opportunities. Inmates can learn various skills such as woodworking, metalworking, and sewing, which can help them secure employment upon their release. The program also allows inmates to earn a wage for their work, which can be used to support their families or save for their future.

In addition to these programs, Red Onion State Prison also offers educational services to its inmates. The prison has a partnership with Mountain Empire Community College, which allows inmates to take college-level courses and earn degrees while serving their sentences. The prison also has a library with a wide selection of books and educational materials, which inmates can use to improve their literacy and knowledge.

Overall, Red Onion State Prison provides various programs and services to its inmates to help them improve their lives and reduce the likelihood of reoffending. These programs focus on developing critical thinking skills, providing vocational training, and offering educational opportunities. While the prison